To Be As One Tree

Three creatives, June (poet and author), Kalen (collage and mixed media, painting) and Sheridan (digital and visual arts) conceived an idea to contruct a paper/ sculpture to represent the unity of humanity and to explore the metaphors of trees in the Baha’i Writings.

Rather than making the tree alone they decided to make it a participatory art project in which everyone in their Brisbane neighbourhood could participate.

Kalen has designed and constructed the cardboard trunk, and the community have been invited to make the leaves to go on the tree.

Each leaf will be covered in art, poetry, wisdom, tributes to the Bab as well as Baha’i writings.

Paper for this purpose is being distributed to families, people attending feast, core activity groups, junior youth and youth deepening groups, study circles, as well as devotionals.  All are invited to make leaves and then if they wish write or create art on them.  We hope to achieve widespread participation in the project!

June found a series of quotations from the Baha’i Writings, people could use for inspiring the spirit of their art making.

Sheridan has been been a key part of consultations on the colour schemes for the leaves and materials we will use.

Participants have been sending in their photographs of leaf making and we will also invite guests at the Holy Day events for the bicentary of the Birth of the Bab to add their thoughts.

We are documenting the progress of the tree and leaves online, to share the spirit of unity and encourage and uplift anyone participating in, or following the story of the project.

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