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The New Dawn event held on Tuesday 29th of October  2019, at the Victoria Golf Club Gala room, Herston, featured several artists from the wider community, who together with their families joined us to commemorate the Bicentenary of the Birth of the Bab and the Twin Birthday celebration of the birth of Bahau’llah.

Guest artists from the wider community included: the mesmerising students from local Nateshvarkala Bharata Natyam Dance school, Virat, Dwani, Tharaniah and Tiya, QUMS and singer Ayesha.

Bringing to the event a high level of excellence,  their performing arts practice was greatly appreciated and treasured by those gathered.

Alongside them Baha’i performers Logan, Hannah and Bea, Benjamin and Kevin and family shared their talents.

This was interspersed with excerpts from the films Dawn of the Light, and Light to the World, short talks on the theme of community building and the playing of messages in the Australian parliament honouring the service of Baha’is to the wider community, and their vision of unity in diversity.

Dinner was served to tables of ten people. In the sit down table setting attendees could socialise and connect with friends, family and guests. Many new friendships were formed and old friendships strengthened. Several visitors thanked the Baha’is for their warmth, grace and kindness. Many chose to regularly visit other tables throughout the room during the evening, further enhancing the community spirit of the event.

The evening was emceed by Diana and Luke.  Special thanks to Borhan who initiated this event, the performers, and all those behind the scenes who made it possible.

DSC_7250 (2)

Thanks for permission from the families of the Dance school students to share images of their children performing.

Photographs and Words: June Perkins

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